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Tapas Y Vino

One of the simplest pleasures of a visit to Spain, is hopping from bar to bar, or Taberna (TAH-bur-nah) as they are called, to enjoy the original small plate foods, known as “Tapas” (TAH-paz).Traditionally served on the bar, patrons help themselves to the various Tapas and the bar keep uses a keen eye to keep track of who has had what. In Spain, where dinner is often enjoyed as late as 10:00pm, Tapas are an essential part of the epicurean scene.

Our family loves to host personal Tapas parties and you can use our model at home, tailoring it to the type of party who wish to have. Will it be a large gathering or open house? Regardless, tapas are a great and uncomplicated way to entertain. Just add Vina Castellano wine and you are ready to go. Check Out our “Throw a Tapas party” link for ideas.