The Grolla – “The Friendly Pot”

For the Health and Welfare of your Friendships

Grolla is a traditional northern Italian drink which is served warm in a hand carved “friendship pot”.  It is meant to be shared and enjoyed amongst friends. Craig and I first discovered the Grolla on a ski trip in the Italian Alps whilst stranded with friends and family in a small town in a quaint pub where we had to wait out a blizzard. The owner of the pub brought out a beautiful handcarved wooden pot called the “Grolla”  The not-so-tasty beverage is served throughout the Northern Alps. The orginal Italian drink is served hot and is made with instant coffee, Grappa, mulling spices and sugar. Thoe host lights the drink on fire and it is then passed around the group until it is finished. Grolla Pots come with several different spouts to accomodate different group sizes. That day the Wilkins family shared a 12-spout pot. The tradition is that you may not set the pot down until it is finished. If you do this, it is said to add to the health and prospertity of the friendships of all who share it.

At Vina, we have perfected our own Grolla recipe for the winter: Ours is a hot wassail like concoction that combines citrus and berry juices with cinnamon and light cloves spice. It has become very popular in the cold winter months and it is a group experience that is mutually as good for your mental, physical, and friendship health. We also have different sized pots, which we purchased in Ortisei, Italy when we returned with our children in 2014. Large groups may reserve our original pot that we bought 15 years ago in Cortina, after our fateful day in the pub during the Blizzard.

Please call to reserve a pot for you and your friends. we charge $5 per person, and it makes a winter trip to the cave enchanting. 530-889-2855.